Why Use EMB Petroleum Products Sales Management ERP

Are you a Petroleum Product Marketer experiencing poor customer service, employees management issue etc. Is it due to poor stock control, delayed reports or missed invoices. Are you losing revenue due to sales at stale prices, insider trading, theft, under payment, unpaid invoices, difficulty in tracking those who owe you, excess loading of products to your customers, high cost of running multiple branches, bad customer relationship management, advertising problems and many more.

This is why we created EMB Petroleum Product Sales Management System - to solve these problems for you so you can concentrate on harnessing your business, have more time for your loved ones, monitor and control your business while enjoying your holiday. For more information Watch our videos or Request a demo

This EMB ERP is used to track procurement of petroleum products into storage tanks, to sell various petroleum products to various wholesale customers, to advertise daily product prices, control stock, Record customer information for sound CRM, process customer orders, automatically send customers their invoices through email and SMS. Track product loading, capturing the information of drivers and trucks that are loading the purchased products. Track who's owing the business and who the business owes, View reports timely and send daily reports to the relevant persons and much more.

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Manage Customers & Locations
Easy Employee Collaboration
Reduced Personnel Management Cost



Manage Stock Price changes on the go
Avoid stale Prices & Stock outs
Real-time Stock Level Monitoring



Process Customer Orders in one place
Track Metered Product Delivery
Easy Online Operations Management



Generate real-time Business Reports
Monitor Product, Sales & Supplies
Anytime of the day KPI monitoring